Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical orthodontics is also commonly known as orthognathic surgery. This subset of orthodontics focuses on correcting significant orthodontic problems that cannot be addressed through other, less invasive methods. While surgery is not the ideal solution, it also should not be feared. Orthodontic surgeons are experts in their field who offer incredible care to their patients.

Our team considers surgery a last resort.

Surgical procedures are complex, require a lot from the patient, and are costly. This is why we prefer to avoid it whenever we can. This is why children should be seen right around their seventh birthday, as early treatment can prevent the need for surgical orthodontics.

Surgical orthodontics is not an instant solution.

In most cases, it cannot be done until growth is complete. Women finish growing around the age of 16 while men finish growing around 18. Since surgery is usually focused on aligning the jaw, growth must be done before it is an option. During the meantime, appliances can be used to make life easier.

Patients cannot decide if they need orthodontic surgery.

Only a qualified orthodontist can determine if surgery is a necessary step. Sometimes even problems that appear severe can be corrected using appliances rather than surgery. The right orthodontist may be able to remove the need for surgical intervention.

There are risks involved, but these are standard.

All surgeries come with risks. However, orthodontic surgery is very safe. This type of surgery has been performed for many years and surgeons who perform it are required to have specialized training and certification. You can feel confident in choosing to undergo this type of surgery.

If you have a significant orthodontic issue and what to find out if surgery is required to correct it, please contact us to schedule a consultation.