Invisalign Teen® Info

A lot of adults think the only people who can possibly look good in braces are children and teens. However, children and teens who need braces often do not agree. More now than ever before, teens are worried about the way they look, in person and online. As a result, they want to skip the look of wearing braces—but they also want a beautiful smile.

Invisalign Teen allows young adults to get a beautiful smile without braces.

Clear, comfortable, removable, fast, and effective, Invisalign Teen does everything the regular Invisalign system does. However, many orthodontists are hesitant to use Invisalign with teen patients since it is removable. This makes it harder for teens to keep their treatment on track.

Invisalign Teen is designed to make it easier for teens to stay on track.

One concern with Invisalign is that teens will forget to change out their aligners. Invisalign Teen aligners have a blue dot on them indicated if an aligner has been worn long enough. This makes it easy to see when it is time to swap the aligner out. It also allows parents to see if they have not been worn enough. And since teens may lose their aligners from time to time, the teen version of the system comes with several free replacement aligners.

We are experienced Invisalign Teen providers.

We have helped thousands of teens perfect their smiles with Invisalign. If your teen is interested in a better smile but not interested in braces, this could be the solution. Contact us to learn more.