Emergency Care

Do orthodontic emergencies occur? They do, but they are incredibly rare. Genuine emergencies are usually due to injuries and are not actually related to orthodontic care, but may require attention from an orthodontist after the patient goes to the emergency room. Typical orthodontic emergencies are small issues that can be fixed temporarily at home until you are able to see the doctor during normal office hours.

If part of your appliance becomes loose but does not come off, use dental wax to hold it in place.

This won’t fix the issue, but it will make it less problematic for you until you come in to get it fixed. Holding it in place will cut down on the irritation you feel. If the piece comes off completely, place it somewhere safe and bring it with you the next time you come in to the office.

Loose and poking wires can be clipped or pushed into place.

If a wire is loose, grab a pencil. Using the clean eraser end, push it back into place. If a wire is too long and poking you, you can use clean nail scissors to clip it.

General soreness is pretty easy to deal with, and you should not need to come in and see us.

Use a simple saltwater rinse first. Be certain not to swallow the mixture. If that does not work, take a dose of the over-the-counter painkiller of your choice. Be certain to stick to soft foods for a few days after your appliance is placed and for a day after each adjustment.

Headgear is a little different.

Compared to other appliances, headgear is significantly more complicated. If you think that there is something wrong, contact us as soon as possible. Keep in mind that pain with this appliance is less the more you wear it. Additionally, if the facebow is bent, you will need to be seen.