Davis & Davis Presents a New Office and Brand!

  • Davis & Davis Presents a New Office and Brand!

    November 29, 2018

    Davis & Davis Presents a New Office and Brand!

    Davis & Davis Orthodontics has exciting news to share! With a goal to create more beautiful smiles in the Great Lakes Bay region, we are expanding our practice to a second location in Bay City, Michigan. In January 2019, our new Invisalign-focused office will open with the name Great Lakes Bay Orthodontics, showcasing our pride in the communities we live in and serve.

    Great Lakes Bay Orthodontics will hold to the same values that patients at Davis & Davis Orthodontics in Midland have come to expect from Drs. Dale and Lisa Davis and Dr. Andrew Grillo. Our community knows Davis & Davis Orthodontics as a family-friendly practice with a 24-year history in providing excellent care while continually implementing cutting-edge technology. We also pride ourselves on a strong sense of community by giving back and contributing wherever we can.

    We are a rare combination—big-picture thinkers who live in the moment. We stay alert to new advances and trends in the orthodontic industry and are quick to incorporate them, but we never lose sight of the importance of being patient-centered. We foster a happy, fun environment for patients and staff. We want every patient to feel a sense of belonging and connectedness. We are motivated to find points of common interest, to make sure every patient knows we care not just about their treatment, but more importantly about them as a person.  

    Straightening teeth is where our story starts, but we keep finding new ways to write better endings. We believe in better and smarter technology. We believe in better connections that lift spirits and brighten lives. We believe in returning something from ourselves to build a better community. Your smile begins here…at Great Lakes Bay Orthodontics! WE BELIEVE IN BETTER!

    We look forward to welcoming patients to our new Bay City location at Great Lakes Bay Orthodontics in January! Call our office to schedule a complimentary consultation- 989-686-7591. Current patients at our original office in Midland can continue to see us there or the new location in Bay City. Please contact us anytime if you’re interested in learning more about our upcoming plans. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have and share more of this exciting news with you.

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