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  • Read This Before Ordering Orthodontic Treatment Online

    July 24, 2018

    These days you can do almost anything with the click of a button. Order school supplies. Get a ride across town. Watch your favorite movie.  Order food delivery. It seems like every day there’s a newer and easier way to do almost everything. We’ve been programmed to accept that anything can be ordered online and delivered right to your front door. However, at Davis & Davis Orthodontics, there is one thing that we believe has no easy replacement: orthodontic treatment. There is no match for trained, experienced professionals when it comes to your dental health.

    The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) agrees. They recently issued a Consumer Alert listing key questions to ask about direct-to-consumer orthodontic companies. You can download a print-friendly version here.

    The issue is that many direct-to-consumer orthodontic companies do not involve the in-person evaluation and/or in-person supervision of your treatment we provide at Davis & Davis Orthodontics. This type of supervision is important because there is more to creating a healthy, beautiful smile than moving the visible portions of your teeth. If not done correctly any dental work can lead to potentially irreversible and expensive damage such as tooth and gum loss, changes to your facial profile, and other issues. An orthodontist like Dr. Dale, Dr. Lisa, or Dr. Grillo has many tools in his or her arsenal to help create your beautiful smile – Invisalign, for example, is just one of them. It’s important to have a fully qualified and certified orthodontist involved when making any changes to your teeth.


    The Top 10 Questions To Ask

    The AAO advises that when researching orthodontic treatment (including treatment models from direct-to-consumer companies like SmileDirectClub, Candid Co., Smilelove, SnapCorrect, Orthly, etc), you should consider many key questions, some of which include:

    1. As part of your treatment, are comprehensive diagnostic records like x-rays taken before your treatment?
    2. As part of your treatment fee, do you receive any in-person visits to a dentist’s or orthodontist’s office during your treatment?
    3. Is only one treatment type offered (such as invisible aligners or a certain appliance)?
    4. What are the possible risks (financial, health, etc.) associated with your orthodontic treatment?
    5. Who is responsible for detecting any issues that may occur during your orthodontic treatment? Is it you? If it is a doctor not associated with your treatment, who pays for those check-ups?
    6. If an emergency arises, does the company have a dentist or orthodontist in your area that you can see in-person? If not, who would cover the costs associated with seeing a dentist or orthodontist in your area?
    7. If you are injured or have another dispute involving your orthodontic treatment, how is it handled (litigation, arbitration, etc.) and what rights do you have?
    8. Does the treatment model comply with the dental laws in your state? To check your state’s dental laws, click https://www.aaoinfo.org/state-laws-and-regulations. Information for your state dental board can be found at https://www.aaoinfo.org/aao/state-dental-board-info.


    Where You Receive Your Health Care Is A Very Important Personal Decision

    Remember that orthodontic treatment is not a product or device – it is a professional, medical service. Dr. Dale, Dr. Lisa and Dr. Grillo earned their dental degrees (DDS) at University of Michigan and each went on to fulfil post-graduate residencies in Orthodontics. They have a commitment to regular continuing education and have years of experience providing high quality orthodontic treatment to their patients.

    Before making any decision about orthodontic treatment, consider doing some research and having a complimentary in-person consultation at Davis & Davis Orthodontics. Our friendly team is waiting to answer any of your questions and start you or your child on a path to a gorgeous smile.

    Davis & Davis Orthodontics is a Delta Dental Premier Provider. We offer flexible financing with lower down payments and lower monthly payments. Click below to schedule a complimentary consultation and be the first to have your smartphone help straighten your teen’s smile!


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  • How Does Your Child Sleep At Night? 5 Questions to Ask:

    December 27, 2017

    5 Questions to ask yourself about your child’s sleep:

    1. Does your child snore loudly at night?
    2. Does your child take long pauses in breathing while they sleep?
    3. Does your child experience night sweats?
    4. Does your child experience extreme drowsiness during the day?
    5. Does your child exhibit a change in behavior and/or a decline in school performance?

    If your child is exhibiting any of these symptoms, it could be a sign that they are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

    What is OSA? What is Sleep Apnea?

    OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) is a common sleep disorder that affects approximately 12 percent of children. It’s caused by partial or complete blockage of the airways during sleep. During sleep, your child’s throat muscles relax allowing the tongue and/or fatty tissues of the throat to fall back into the airways and block airflow. During an apnea event, air is restricted from moving beyond the obstruction reducing blood flow to the brain. As a result, the brain is signaled to partially awaken from sleep to tell the body that it needs to breathe. This is often followed by a loud gasping, choking, or snorting sounds as the person takes a deep enough breath to fight past the obstruction.

    While this condition is fairly easy to treat, it is often left untreated because parents aren’t aware of the warning signs. So, how do you know if your kid actually has obstructive sleep apnea or if they are symptoms of something else? Visit your local orthodontist today. Due to their expertise and familiarity with growth and development as well as orthopedic and surgical correction of the jaws, orthodontists are ideally suited to diagnose OSA.

    At Davis and Davis Orthodontics, Dr. Dale and Dr. Lisa are well trained in looking for the signs of Sleep Apnea. We are screening kids with our CBCT (a dental CT scan that allows us to  gain a highly accurate 3-D image of your child’s anatomy from a single scan), looking at airways and discussing sleep issues.  Currently we are administering a home sleep test and consulting on how orthodontics can change the architecture of the airway for better sleep and happy and healthier kids.

    We make it a point to always ask new patients about their children’s sleep habits because it’s important to us to catch them early. Sleep Apnea can have significant side effects if left untreated, such as:

    • High blood pressure
    • Stroke
    • Heart disease
    • Diabetes
    • Chronic acid reflux
    • Obesity
    • & Depression

    We’re proud to have helped many patients in this area – check out two below:

    If you notice any of the above signs in your child’s sleep, click below to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Dale or Dr. Lisa. We look forward to meeting you.

    Davis & Davis is a Delta Dental Premier Provider. We offer flexible financing with lower down payments and lower monthly payments. Contact us today for more information!