How long will you be in braces? Only an orthodontist can tell you that. Every patient has different needs, and that means each patient will have a different recommended period of treatment. However, the average patient will wear the braces for right around 22 months. That means most patients will spend two years of their life in braces.

For many years, waiting it out was the only option. But technological advancements now allow us to speed up treatment. In addition to appliances that are better at moving teeth, there are options like AcceleDent.

Acceledent is easy to use at home.

The device is small and lightweight, allowing you to hold it in your mouth easily. You do not even need your hands to use it. Place it in your mouth for 20 minutes a day while you go about tasks at home. During this time, it delivers Soft-Pulse powered precision micropulses that allow teeth to move faster.

The process is gentle.

Many people hear about AcceleDent and assume it must be painful. Believe it or not, it is completely painless. Micropulses are gentle vibrations that encourage tooth movement without pain. The force used is less than an electric toothbrush, and chewing food uses 200x the force of AcceleDent.

The FDA has approved the device.

Our practice would never consider offering a treatment that isn’t safe to use. AcceleDent was tested in clinical trials and proven to be safe and effective. Afterwards, the FDA approved it for use and we incorporated it into our treatment plans. We have seen the amazing results firsthand in our office and know it works.

AcceleDent can be used by patients of any age. If you would like to learn more about this device and how it works with your treatment plan, schedule an appointment.